Dental Assistant School in St. Augustine FL

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Dental Assistant School in St. Augustine FL


Are you ready for a career change? Or maybe you are just getting your career started. In either case, Bartram Dental Assisting School is the place you want to be! Our top-quality dental assistant classes can help to open your future to entirely new possibilities. The courses at Bartram Dental Assisting School in St. Augustine provide you with the knowledge and experience that you need to get started with a great career in the dental field!

The Benefits of Our Dental Assistant Course

Working in the exciting field of modern dentistry will set you on a career path that allows for significant potential growth. Our courses offer you the benefit of:

  • Focused instruction from experts in the field
  • Being taught the valuable skills that dental offices look for
  • Having an affordable education

Our courses are focused on the valuable skill set that dental offices look for.

The Education

Dental assistants are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities and we address them all. We teach you how to be the best dental assistant possible. Our 10-week course covers all the information that you will need to start your career in oral health.


We admit students that have a high school diploma or a GED. We also admit seniors in high school if they have a B average. Our goal is to help create a professional workforce of highly skilled dental assistants to further the standard of dental care.

Payment Options

We are flexible and offer three payment options to best meet your budget! Our instructors have been there—they know how expensive paying for school can be. We work hard to make education affordable. You can choose one of the three payment options to fit within your financial circumstances.

Apply today for the next class! Contact us to learn more about the program or to discuss enrollment.


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