Program Outline

Our program is a total of 140 hours.

Classroom Hours
Lab Hours
Externship Hours

Week 1

Intro to Dental Assisting

Introduction to Dentistry, Dental Assisting, Structures of the Head and Neck, Dental Anatomy and Tooth Morphology.

Week 2

Four-Handed Dentistry

Instrument Transfer, Isolation Techniques, Suctioning (HVE), Local Anesthesia, Patient Positioning, and Handpiece Maintenance. Disease Transmissions and Pathology, Sterilization and Disinfection Control, Hazards management, and Emergencies.

Week 3


Theory and Practice of Intraoral & Extraoral X-ray Techniques and X-ray Safety.

Week 4

Amalgam and Composites

Dental Materials, Instruments, Mixing, Curing, Tubs & Trays. Polishing Composite Restorations.

Week 5

Office Management

Phones, Appointments, Billing, Insurance, Charting, Job Interview, Externships, Florida State Regulations, Midterm.

Week 6

Luting Agent in Dentistry

Adhesives, Cements & Liners, Alginate Impressions, Clinic Notes.

Week 7

Oral Surgery and Periodontics, Lasers, Sedation

Oral Surgery & Periodontal Instruments and Materials, Sterilization Procedures and Nitrous Administration.

Week 8

Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge Instruments and Materials, Temporary Restorations, and Bite Registration. OSHA, Blood Borne Pathogens, and CPR

Week 10

Week 9

Endodontics, Orthodontic, Bleaching & Oral Appliances

Root Canal Setups and Instrumentation, Overview of Orthodontic Terminology and Supplies/Instruments, Whitening Techniques and Different Type of Appliances for the Mouth.

Pediatric Dentistry

Polishing Teeth, Applying Fluoride, and Doing Sealants.

2019 Session Dates

The aforementioned dates and schedules are subject to change.


Orientation: January 12th
Start: January 26th
End: April 6th
Graduation: April 27th

In progress…

Summer 2019

Orientation: April 27th
Start: May 11th
End: July 23rd
Graduation: August 24th

Summer 2019 is currently on a wait list. 

You may still apply, and should a spot open up, those who submit their application first will be given priority.

Fall 2019

Orientation: August 24th
Start: September 7th
End: November 9th
Graduation: December 7th