Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with a quality education at an affordable price.

We offer a program designed to give you a foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career, at a minimum cost of time and expense.


Jason Lewis, DDS, FAGD

School Director

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Traci Lewis

Admissions Director

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Lorie Fish, EDDA


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Victoria Whelan, EDDA


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Brittany Trimble, EFDA

Instructor Assistant

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We are always accepting applications for teaching opportunities. Contact us for more information.

Want to volunteer as an Externship Site?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an adjunct faculty for the Bartram Dental Assisting School. It is necessary for our students to have ample work experience with the doctor and with patients to gain the confidence they need to find a job after their externship.


A mentor is an experienced dental assistant, hygienist or dentist who provides support and guidance during the students’ clinical experience. They will follow the training evaluation forms for the student during the part of the rotation that the student is assigned to the dental office. The mentor is the role model and resource person for the student. Mentors work closely with the student on an ongoing basis to plan the orientation, clinical experiences, and monitoring students’ progress, provide feedback on students’ performance and help them feel welcome and integrated into the dental assisting setting and team.

1. Monitoring of students by providing them role model and experiential learning, helps the profession to develop the professional staff needed to best treat patients.

2. If it is well organized, mentoring and training takes only minutes here and there throughout the day, while at the same time gaining the services of a trainee’s accumulated abilities.

3. Students must satisfy at least 40 hours of externship, in 4 weeks or less, to earn the credits they need to graduate. They cannot be compensated other than the training they receive.

4. All of the office employees can participate and get to know this person. When the time comes, and you need to hire someone, you have already had several students to pick from and the staff will know which one is the most competent and enjoyable to work with.

1. The student gains the opportunity to participate in their chosen profession and learn some of the things that cannot be taught in a classroom or lab setting. They get to interact with patients, use different materials and technology.

2. They also gain much experience and are able to think through what they need to do. They learn to plan ahead and gain speed as they become more familiar with procedures while treating patients.

3. They gain the feeling of being a part of the profession.

4. They learn about options available to them.

5. They receive feedback as they work with Doctor, staff and patients.

6. They learn the joy of being able to help others in dental needs.